About me


my name is Chrisy, am 26 years old and do live in Aachen Germany.

Since I was a little child I love the ocean and snow. From a very young age I went snowboarding every winter and in 2015 I started surfing and just felt more and more connected to the ocean.

I have been travelling a lot with my parents and since the age of 18 I travelled on my own. At the age of 19 I moved to Australia where the idea of The Rebels Co. began. With some help I have created my Logo and started sewing some prototypes.

Due to personal reasons I couldn`t stay in Australia and had to go back to Germany where I had to focus on my full-time job. After Covid and now being stable in my full-time job as a paramedic I wanted to restart my idea of The Rebels Co. 

My goal with my brand is being able to support (extreme) sportler, doing good for people as well as spreading love especially on social media, where hate is a hughe deal.