About me


my name is Chrisy, am 26 years old and do live in Aachen Germany.


Since I can remember I went snowboarding every winter with my dad. At the age of 16 I fell and did hurt myself. Nothing serious but I was a milquetoast. :D Then I stopped snowboarding but half a year later he and his girlfriend have asked me and her 3 kids if we wanted to try surfing. There is a SurfCamp in Spain which looked nice. Of course I said yes and that was my first step into the surfing world.

I thought of an Idea of how I can make money whilst surfing but I didn`t knew how. I was thinking of my own business but I had no money and never know how to start so I postponed that idea.

Since then we went surfing every year and at the age of 18 I went into SurfCamps by myself. I watched many nature, environmental and Surfing (extreme) sports documentaries and of course the International Ocean Film Tour. This made me think about our existens and how we treat the world we are living in. 

I went to Australia for 1.5years and started sewing a few prototypes for my shop. Nothing official but I really wanted to work on it. As I had to leave I still didn`t knew what job I could do. All jobs I am interested in, I have to go to University and since I "only" have a High school certificate and not a High School Diploma I can not enrol in Uni until I go back to School for 3 more years. And that was not an option for me, firstly because of money, and second that I can`t cope with the school system and would have failed miserably. 

But getting to the good side , I have made my EMS in 2019 and I am still working full-time as a paramedic in the ambulance service. 

Next to my fulltime-job I finally have made my shop official, and my goals is to support (extreme) sportler, help the environment, and spread positivity and good vibes around the world!